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Our new compact plate handler breaks the mould of traditional automation solutions - making it both easier and more affordable for you to bring reliable automation to your lab.

Porvair Scienves demonstrate how to use a solid-state filter microplate to remove interfering proteins from serum, plasma or even whole blood samples prior to analysis by LC/MS liquid chromatography / mass spectroscopy.

Want to know how automatic pipetting with our robot works in the lab? We set up a typical PCR reaction with our Liquid Handling Station. Check out the results in our video.

For automated microfermentation, a combination of the BioLector® with a liquid handling robot.

Cryogenic labels are used to identify metal racks, aluminum cassettes, X-ray film cartridges, aluminum vials, aluminum and stainless steel boxes, tools, hardware, and other metal objects. They are designed for long-term storage of specimen in the liquid phase of nitrogen as well as in the gas phase, in dry ice, freezer chambers and other difficult cryogenic conditions.

Argos Technologies® Magne-Box™ freezer boxes feature magnets that securely connect the base to the hinged lid.

2D coded tubes with external thread from LVL technologies

Inlabtec has published a customer video report that describes the experiences of Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS) (Courtepin, Switzerland) in replacing traditional test tube based serial dilution with the Inlabtec Serial Diluter.