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Mon, Jul

New laboratory information system

Technidatahas launched its next-generation laboratory information system, TDNexLabs. Developed in close collaboration with major field contributors, this new product has been designed to improve quality of care and laboratory performance.

Your current methods to identify and track samples may have become inefficient and too time consumin

Automate laboratory sample identification with LIMS-integrated label creation software, a dedicated sample label printer and specialised sample labels. Get the free guide ‘5 steps to automated sample identification’ and gain more time for research.

Titian is launching Mosaic SampleBank

Titian is launching Mosaic SampleBank™ to offer the benefits of sample management best practice, gained from collaborating with big pharma companies, in a format that is cost-effective and rapid for other institutions to deploy. SampleBank encapsulates key modules of Titian's industry-leading Mosaic software in a pre-configured format allowing simple, efficient start-up.

If the need is to store samples for years

The 21st century promises to be the century of biology, with advances in our understanding of the living world leading to dramatic changes in the way we diagnose, treat and cure disease. Along with those advances comes a rising tide of samples. Knowing exactly what every sample is, where it comes from and when it was stored, will increasingly impact laboratory efficiency. Scientists in all kinds of labs are now facing the possibility that existing methods of identifying, tracking and reporting on samples may be insufficient to the task ahead.

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