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Sun, Oct

Are you cool enough? Fridge mapping using Xylem’s ebro brand data loggers


Good practise dictates the performance of fridges in laboratories should be mapped every 12-months to ensure that an even temperature exists throughout the cabinet so that stored materials are maintained in the desired conditions.

This task is often performed by a third party contractor so that an audit trail is observed to recognised standards; however, in some cases fridge mapping is required on a more regular basis.

One such example is in the manufacture products for of rare cell diagnostics that enables early, accurate identification of an individual’s condition for the prevention of treatment and monitoring of disease. Temperature sensitive chemicals are critical to the process and without knowing that the storage temperature was maintained prior to the test, in the event of failure, the whole experiment may have to be repeated; creating extra workload, waste and of course using further, valuable lab resources.

Xylem’s ebro brand EBI 25 wireless loggers placed in the cold rooms and refrigerators provide remote, real time monitoring of temperature and humidity. Winlog PC software continually monitors any number of cold room environments and provides early warning of near or critical failure. Additionally, Winlog stores all results to provide an audit trail of performance.

The transportation of perishable samples including human tissue or fluids, vaccines and other such products is also critical. Ebro EBI 300 reusable loggers continually monitor temperature and/or humidity during transit and provide the recipient with a complete audit trail showing recorded parameters on a certificate generated simply by plugging the device in to a PC.