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Wed, Jan

Micronic Low Profile Screw Caps are ideal for biobanks and other laboratory facilities

Designed in conjunction with the Hannover Unified Biobank - Micronic has introduced a new range of Low Profile Screw Caps that are compatible with their entire range of 96-well format Screw Cap storage tubes (0.50ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml, 1.40ml and 2.00ml)..

Unlike conventional 1536 well microplates made of polystyrene

Greiner Bio-One, a leading technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, has introduced new 1536 well compound storage plate made of transparent cycloolefin at the 'Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening' (SLAS) conference exhibition in San Diego, CA.

Envelopes can even be provided with customised labels to include your required address and unique Royal Mail business reply reference.

Our complete storage, packaging and mailing solution combines an extensive range of 95kPa compliant sample vials with SpeciSafe® secondary packaging and mailing envelopes, ready-labelled according to the UN3373 standard. Together these make regulatory adherence quick, simple and convenient.