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Mon, Oct

Ziath also offers a simple sample management system

Ziath announces the availability of 2D barcoded storage tubes with 2D codes permanently lasered onto the base of the tubes. Each tube has a unique code allowing the tube to be identified by the scanning of the code using Ziath’s scanners. The new tube line products include the CryzoTraq™ cryogenic vials and TraceTraq™ high density tubes.

The only sample storage tube to feature high contrast Tri-Labelling technology for the ultimate in security of your precious sample.

Our unique External Thread Jacket Tube features a secure seal for long term sample storage at ultra-low temperatures down to -196°C.

FLUIDX are proud to to be involved in our small way and will enjoy our Smoked Norwegian Salmon on Christmas day.

Scientists at Nofima have developed a new and efficient DNA test to trace escaped farmed salmon, in which they can link the DNA profile of the escaped fish to the fish farm from which it escaped. Testing of the system on a pilot scale demonstrates virtually 100 % accuracy, and simulation of data that has so far been done on an industrial scale is promising.

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