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“We have worked with our customers to understand their challenges and pain

Using award-winning SOLA SPE technology, SOLAµ plates are designed to deliver robust, reproducible processing at elution volumes as low as 25 µL. In company-conducted experiments, the new SPE plates have improved sensitivity over comparable SPE products as much as twenty-fold due to improved pre-concentration while maintaining high levels of reproducibility.

Nested LiHa disposable tips offer increased worktable capacity for tip storage

Tecan has introduced an innovative new consumable device offering increased throughput and capacity for Freedom EVO® workstations. The patent pending Disposable Transfer Tool is designed for use with Tecan’s Nested LiHa disposable tips, and offers fully automated handling of empty tip trays without the need for a gripper. 

screw-caps that are compatible with other 96 format storage tubes.

FluidX have seen that some other manufacturers of 96 format storage tubes have recently introduced new screw-caps.

Save time and maximize sample recovery with this unique microwave vial adapter system

After a sample is dissolved in solvent and transferred to a microwave vial, this adapter and bump trap assembly allow the sample to be directly concentrated in the vial. The standard taper joint at the top of the adapter provides direct connection to a rotary evaporator.

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