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Mon, Jul

ELISA Plates in Black and White

Comprehensive analyses for the detection of defined substances are critical in research, development and diagnostics. For a variety of immunological assays, like e.g. ELISA experiments, Sarstedt now offers high quality 96 well plates in transparent, black and white options with surfaces that enable consistent and reproducible binding of biomolecules to support your analyses.

Safe, Easy Specimen Transport System

SpeciSafe® secondary packaging containers provide a safe, convenient and economical solution for compliant mailing of biohazardous and clinical specimens. The extensive SpeciSafe range includes solutions for screw cap microtubes, serum vials, vacuum blood collection tubes, cryovials, Bijou containers, swabs/transport tubes and is now extended to include a pack to seal 3 Universal containers in addition to the original single Universal pack.   

Ultra low binding tubes for Proteomics

Micronic has published a technical note that describes a study in wich the protein binding properties of commercially available sample storage tubes was tested.

50% Less Waste:

The new TerraRack is more than 50% lighter than conventional racks but it does not compromise on strength and is completely recyclable. The single-use, hinged-lid rack will not flex or bend when loading single or multichannel pipettes - even if excessive force is applied.  

TerraRacks solve a major problem in labs around the world

A revolutionary new concept in pipette tip racks, Rainin TerraRacks by Mettler Toledo are more than 50% lighter than conventional racks, yet don't compromise on strength and are completely recyclable. 

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