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The tubes can be centrifuged to 21,000 rcf and autoclaved at 121ºC for up to 20 minutes.

If you’re looking for that intermediate volume option between microcentrifuge tubes and 15ml centrifuge tubes then look no further. Alpha Laboratories has the perfect solution, the new 5ml conical base Midi Centrifuge Tube. The shorter height of the ?tube provides increased protection against contamination as long pipette barrels do not need to be inserted into the tube when aspirating or dispensing samples

Available in non-coded or alphanumeric coded versions

Available in non-coded or alphanumeric coded versions,Micronic1.40ml round bottom tubes provide an affordable way to improve your sample storage, handling and logistic processes. Micronic 1.40ml tubes can be purchased in bulk lots, refills or racked for 96-tube format use in the Comorack-96 or the fully automation compatible Roborack-96.

Why settle for imitations, always go with “The Original”.

As we are sure you aware, solid glass limited volume vials are usaly more expensive than you or your customers would like to pay for.

ELISA Plates in Black and White

Comprehensive analyses for the detection of defined substances are critical in research, development and diagnostics. For a variety of immunological assays, like e.g. ELISA experiments, Sarstedt now offers high quality 96 well plates in transparent, black and white options with surfaces that enable consistent and reproducible binding of biomolecules to support your analyses.

Ultra low binding tubes for Proteomics

Micronic has published a technical note that describes a study in wich the protein binding properties of commercially available sample storage tubes was tested.

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