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800,000 biological cell samples.

To support healthcare and scientific research groups with high quality cytological cell samples, the National Clinical Cytology Biobank at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden) has invested in 2D coded sample storage tubes and sample handling equipment from Micronic to provide traceable, high integrity storage of its valuable gynaecological cell samples.

The Rainin Spacesaver Stacked Tip refills create 85% less plastic wate than pre-filled individual tip racks.

The outer sleeve functions as an automatic tip dispenser that aligns and refills 96 tips at one time into a Rainin Rack. This system is the environmentally friendly solution for rack refilling that is fast and efficient. It is one of the best systems available for reducing waste and saving space.

We use large numbers of pipette tips and are keen to reduce the environmental impact of our work as much as possible.

METTLER TOLEDO’S Rainin TerraRacks™ have enabled the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, to adopt a more environmentally-friendly approach to manual pipetting.

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