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Mon, Nov

Alpha Laboratories presents A NEW Range of Peak Performance Plate Seals

eXTReme seals have a universal fit for all plate types


Ensure your samples are protected under harsh conditions with eXTReme™ plate sealing films and foils, now available from Alpha Laboratories.

They provide an excellent seal to minimise sample evaporation and reduce well-to-well contamination.

Ideal for PCR and storage, eXTReme sealing film offers high performance across the temperature range of -40C to +120C, and eXTReme FoilSeal™ from -80C to +120C. Both feature a specially formulated adhesive, compatible with all plate materials and especially suited for polycarbonate and dual component PCR plates, which can be notoriously difficult to seal. This adhesive, however, enables seals to be removed cleanly from plate surfaces with no stringing or residue. Both eXTReme Seals are certified DNase and RNase free.

eXTReme seals have a universal fit for all plate types and feature an end-tab for ease of placement that will not tear during removal. 

eXTReme™ FoilSeal™ is pierceable and especially suited for PCR, long-term compound storage, light sensitive assays and robotics. It features 2 end tabs with perforations.