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Aluminum 96-Well Micro Plate System for High Throughput

The aluminum 96-well micro plate system fits all liquid handling systems


The patented 96-Well Aluminum Micro Plate System is available with a solid or vented aluminum base plate and cover. 

  • This system is ideal for use with volatile solvents, salt screening, high throughput solubility, freeze drying samples or for testing requiring uniform heating and cooling of samples.  The micro plate and cover are machined from solvent resistant anodized aluminum thus preventing finger print smudges and discoloration. 

    The plate has a standard 8x12 (96 well) footprint with a stamped alpha-numeric ID grid.  The aluminum base plate is capable of securing 0.5mL, 1.0mL, 1.5mL and 2.0mL conical and flat bottom glass vials.  The vented design of the aluminum base plate assures uniform transfer of heat or cold to the vials.  Selecting from a variety of molded liners and sealing films, the aluminum cover for the 96-well plate can be screwed into place, preventing vial pullout.  

    The aluminum 96-well micro plate system fits all liquid handling systems.

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