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Do you send away human or animal samples such as blood, urine, faeces or tissue for diagnostic, research or clinical trials purposes? Are you aware of the specific packaging requirements necessary for legal compliance with the UN3373 regulation for transport of these category B biological materials?

Compatible with autosamplers and robotic systems.

The inserts have a unique push-point design allowing sample access down to 10µL.  The plates have a standard 8x12 well array with an etched 1-12 by A-H matrix.  The combination of the plate and the glass tapered inserts are an ideal solution for sample storage, reactive chemistry and biological testing.  The polypropylene plate, glass inserts and the molded liners can be autoclaved and sterilized.  When assembled, the snug fit of the glass inserts allows use with shakers and vortex mixers.

Porous technologies leader to present live demonstrations of advancements at Booth #1539

POREX® Showcases New Innovations in Diagnostics, Liquid Handling and Wound Management at MD&M West 2018

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