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Sun, Oct

ntelligent Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

With technology than spans preservation, incubation and healthcare, Newtronic is an established brand providing world-class, high-quality medical and laboratory equipment. Backed by more than 33 years of experience in these markets, the company’s longstanding presence has built up valuable relationships with leading pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology partners plus a global network that enables them to meet customer demands quickly and efficiently.

The PRESTO® A45 and A45t

The PRESTO® A45 and A45t expand Julabo’s portfolio of the completely newly developed PRESTO® family. Thanks to highly efficient technology and powerful components, the process circulators are suited for particularly demanding temperature controls tasks in laboratories and industrial plants; for example for the temperature control of reactors, material stress tests or temperature simulations.

A new ultra-low temperature freezer

A new ultra-low temperature freezer is designed to offer laboratories a greener solution: less power consumption, less noise and higher efficiency without compromising the integrity of samples.

Adaptable storage solution for compound management, biobanking and forensic applications

Hamilton Storage Technologies, an affiliate entity of Hamilton Company, a leading provider in the design and manufacture of liquid handling, process measurement, robotics and storage solutions, today introduced the Hamilton Verso™, a truly modular automated storage platform which is easily configured to meet the needs of the most demanding sample management applications.

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