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Mon, Nov

Innovative Water-Cooled -86º Telstar Igloo Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

save up to 18% in energy

Cold storage

Telstar has taken a major step forward in the performance and efficiency of cold storage technology/equipment.

The company has recently integrated water-cooled condensers in the range of -86°C Igloo compact ultra-low temperature freezers reducing up to 75% of heat emission into the work place and the dissipated energy in the Laboratory environment, making a sustainably cooler work environment.

The Telstar Igloo ultra-low freezer, which was designed under a green line concept to provide an innovative and energy efficient storage system intended for secure preservation of samples, has been reinforced by the integration of the refrigeration process with cool water to ensure higher performance, efficiency and uniformity as well as significant economic savings.

The water-cooled condenser integrated in the ultra-low freezer also enables to save up to 18% in energy consumption. Water-cooled freezers allow the use of a chilled or cool water system to remove the majority of the heat rejected from the freezer, significantly reducing the room cooling load. In addition, the integration of water-cooled condensers contributes to the fact that freezers have less sensitivity to room ambient conditions and increases efficiency. The equipment incorporates a water regulating valve which automatically controls the water flow needed to maintain the compressor discharge pressure. At the same time, cooler compressor temperatures enhance compressor stability and reliability.

Besides offering the lowest power consumption, Telstar Igloo ultra-low freezer features a low noise level (< 50 dB(A)) in a small footprint, which enables a more optimized freezer layout and the flexibility to adapt to any space. Telstar has developed Telstar Igloo ultra-low freezer using its own cold storage technology and the equipment is commercialized in both versions with water-cooled condenser and air cooling options.