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PRESTO – Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems from JULABO

PRESTO A85: temperature control system / process system

Cold storage

PRESTO models A85, A85t and the water-cooled W85 and W85t are Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems from JULABO. This family of instruments covers a temperature range of -85 to 250 °C.

Their ability to cover an extremely wide range of temperatures makes them ideal for demanding temperature-control tasks like reactors, miniplants, pilot plants, and materials testing.

The PRESTO models are available in two different versions: the air-cooled PRESTO A85 and PRESTO A85t and the water-cooled PRESTO W85 and PRESTO W85t. All models cover the extremely wide working temperature range of -85 to +250 °C.

PRESTO models A85 and W85 have a heating capacity of 6 kW, but this is more than doubled to 15 kW in PRESTO models A85t and W85t. Cooling capacity is as high as 2.8 kW. As a result, all units are ready to compensate for both exothermic and endothermic reactions with extraordinary speed.

PRESTO A85: temperature control system / process system

  • For highly precise, external temperature applications
  • Rapid heating and cooling
  • Wide working temperature ranges without changing fluids
  • Highest performance with small footprint
  • Space-saving design optimizes space utilization in your lab
  • NEW 5,7” industrial color TFT touch screen
  • NEW USB (Host und Device)
  • NEW Ethernet
  • NEW SD-Card slot
  • RS232 / optional RS485 / optional Profibus DP
  • Stand-by input

Removable venting grid for simplified removal of dust