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Now available


Now available from Alpha Laboratories, the Picus® NxT electronic pipette from the Sartorius Biohit Family, features a sophisticated design, exceptional accuracy and precision, plus new features that provide distinct advantages for highly regulated laboratories.

It brings all the benefits of the original Picus models that help ease your workload and deliver superb pipetting results. Weighing in at only a 100g, the comfortable handle and light electronic tip ejection will prevent repetitive strain injuries. Superior technology, electronic brake and piston control system ensure accurate and precise liquid volume delivery, independently of the users’ level of pipetting skills. The Optiload mechanism ensures perfect tip sealing and the replaceable Safe-Cone filters cost-effectively prevent the risk of contamination of both your pipette and your sample 

Picus NxT is ideal for use in accredited laboratories. As well as a certificate of accredited 3-point calibration (per ISO 17025 and ISO 8655) provided at no extra charge, each pipette is RFID-enabled to support asset management and has optional password-protection, all enabling your lab to demonstrate quality procedures for accreditation such as ISO 15189.  Picus® NxT is ideal for ELISA, Protein Analysis, Cell Culture, PCR, and other DNA and RNA techniques.