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Transferring Viscous or Tactile Samples? RAININ's New LR Low Retention Pipette Tips Can Help

For even greater flexibility


RAININ's new LR Low Retention pipette tips are now available from Anachem. Pipetting accuracy will be improved with these new tips by minimizing residual volume

These tips prevent samples from interacting with the polypropylene surface of the tip, making them especially useful when transferring complex sample liquids, viscous liquids and those with reduced surface tension due to the presence of detergents and other organic constituents. 

For even greater flexibility with difficult sample types the LR pipette tip family includes a new wide bore design that reduces shear force and provides a super-slippery surface to protect delicate samples, improving pipetting performance with viscous/syrupy liquids, cultured cells and high-molecular weight polymers, such as genomic DNA. 

RAININ employs a unique manufacturing process to produce tips with a uniform field of highly-repellent fluoropolymer molecules that form an impenetrable superhydrophobic electron field. This results in liquids and molecules being suspended above the surface, allowing problem liquids to glide effortlessly in and out of the tip. More common manufacturing methods, such as dipping or tumbling tips in a fluoropolymer bath, can produce tips with incomplete and uneven layers of fluoropolymer that are more likely to clog or leach. 

As with all RAININ tips, LR Low Retention tips are BioCleanTM, which means they are rigorously tested and certified to be free of biological contaminants, such as DNA, DNase, RNase, Pyrogen, ATP and PCR inhibitors. These tips are available as either LTS™ format for use with Rainin's LTS pipettes and universal tip fit for all brands of pipettes; Filter and Non-Filter in a wide range of volume ranges and packaging options including the SpaceSaver refill system.