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Conditions valid until September 30th, 2015

StepperTM411 repeater pipetteis a highly comfortable pipette intended for reliable repeat dispensing within 10 to 5000 µL. Setting knobs bear clear indication of volumes and number of aliquots. Unique trigger action mechanism eliminates thumb fatigue during repeat dosing. Selected materials offer outstanding shock resistance. Compact shape greatly limit internal instrument contamination. Large selection among 53 different volumes; up to 73 doses per filling. 

The Cobra is an innovative new manual pipette

The Cobra is an innovative new manual pipette designed to help reduce repetitive stress injuries caused from frequent pipetting. 

Ecostep syringes are used in conjunction with the Socorex Stepper 411 repeater pipette.

Only three syringe sizes cover the range from 10 to 5000 µL. Made of PE/PP, the syringes offer excellent performances and high chemical resistance, for reliable repeat dispensing of a large variety of liquids. Check full chemical resistance chart in our web pages.

Multichannel Pipette

As laboratories need to process more and more samples per day, they are facing the challenge to increase their throughput in the most efficient and economical way. Especially screening applications require handling and manipulating many samples between different formats.  Traditionally this process often involved the use of single channel pipettes which is slow, inefficient and prone to errors.  

The perfect ergonomic design makes for easy, comfortable use.

Achieving accurate, precise dispensing of volatile or viscous fluids using conventional air displacement pipettes is difficult. If you have to do that repeatedly for multiple steps it can be extremely frustrating. The new Ripette® PRO repeat dispenser from Alpha Laboratories solves the problem. It also offers improved safety and eliminates contamination when handling hazardous or sensitive materials. 

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