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Mon, Jul

Mechanical Pipette Tacta

Responding to the needs of users in the laboratories, Sartorius presents a new range of mechanical pipettes with a perfectly balanced design offering reliability, accuracy and comfortable use. 

Engineering the future of microplate handling instruments. By Tom Ackrill

A core aim of Vitl Products is to evaluate the best the laboratory instruments the market currently has to offer and to redesign them from a user and engineering perspective to develop even better instruments at a similar price point

Gilson announces the availability of the third edition of its famous Guide to Pipetting.

For nearly five decades, Gilson has been designing pipettes that exceed expectations when it comes to accurate and precise sample measurement. We want to share our expertise in pipetting with you through The Gilson Guide to Pipetting, a book that serves as a great resource for selecting the right pipette for your application, pipetting best practices, pipetting techniques and more.    

his ergonomic handle allows for a better fit in the hand

Gilson has launched its new pipette accessory, the PIPETMAN® Comfort Handle, designed to help reduce pipetting fatigue and provide increased comfort to scientists currently using PIPETMAN single & multichannel Classic™, Neo® and G models.   

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