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A large display window makes the set volume visible at all times during pipetting.

Extended multichannel dispensing possibilities - 8-channel micropipette ranging 10 – 100 µL

Are you a skillful master of pipetting?

Are you a skillful master of pipetting? Take part in Eppendorf’s new challenge and find out! If you are successful and worthy, you can print your personalized certificate to proof your abilities.

The Acura®

The comprehensive Acura® manual pipette line includes nine multichannel models covering volumes from 0.5 µl up to 350 µl. The line is now completed with a new 8-channel model ranging 10 – 100 µL.    

The introduction of the new 50 microliter head enables the VIAFLO 96/384

Integra has expanded the range of interchangeable pipetting heads for its market-leading handheld VIAFLO 96/384 electronic pipettes.    

The latest model, the Multipette M4, offers a unique volume range of 1 ?L-10 mL

Pipetting problem liquids such as foaming, viscous, volatile, dense, corrosive, or hazardous solutions can be a real challenge when using air-cushion pipettes. The properties of these liquids can affect the precision and impair the reproducibility of the user’s results. Additionally there is the risk of pipette contamination or even damage by aggressive liquids and aerosols. .

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