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Improving pharmacetucial manufacturing

One of the greatest barriers to serialization compliance is the cost of implementing new systems and processes,


Serialisation software provider SEA Vision and packaging machine manufacturer Marchesini Group have collaborated to launch a new data collection plug-in designed to improve efficiencies during pharmaceutical manufacturing.


As pharmaceutical manufacturers across the globe prepare for new serialisation requirements for the tracking and tracing of medicines in the supply chain, the new plug-in complements the Italian solution providers’ serialisation offering, helping customers to achieve wider business benefits.

Using the OEE data collection plug-in, it is possible to analyze the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of pharmaceutical manufacturing lines, alongside performing serialization.

Commenting on the collaboration, Marco Baietti, commercial director at SEA Vision said: “One of the greatest barriers to serialization compliance is the cost of implementing new systems and processes, and that is why we are focused on helping our customers to achieve wider serialization benefits to help justify the investment.

“Our latest research found that just 44 percent of companies intend to use the serialization implementation process to achieve wider business benefits. We believe this is a missed opportunity and have made it our mission to help our customers to understand and realize the potential of serialization technology.

“Of course, there are standalone tools that can perform OEE calculations on the market, however, the additional cost to implement this functionality alongside our serialization software is marginal. Additionally, third-party devices often require additional integration, creating another unnecessary barrier to quick compliance. As a result, the plug-in is an efficient and cost-effective way of utilizing the serialization challenge to improve line operation.”

The new functionality allows the operator to have a holistic view of the line’s efficiency. Using the visual reporting tool, it is possible to analyze the OEE of each line in real-time, during the batch run. In addition, by collecting data from each machine on the line, the plug-in records all rejections and errors, generating a complete audit trail report and assisting compliance requirements.

Elena Stupatska, Production Manager at the Marchesini Group (Neri Division) added: “We have a long-established relationship with SEA Vision, having worked together for more than 10 years. This latest innovation is the next step in our goal to help pharmaceutical manufacturers improve efficiencies and leverage the benefits that new technology can bring to their lines.”

“At Marchesini, we design and produce high precision, fail-safe machines for carton labeling”, said Enrico Neri, plant director of the Neri division. “They are able to apply vignette labels and tamper-evident seals, by means of a cleated belts cartons transport system, fed by a special indexing patented device. These are incredibly flexible machines which accommodate printing and vision system equipment, and can be personalized to comply with the different regulations in force around the world.”

The collaboration brings together Italian-based SEA Vision’s serialization system along with Marchesini’s packaging machines.