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Tue, Jan

Introducing the World’s Lightest, Most Accurate, Pen-Sized Pipettor

pipetty™ is the smallest and lightest electric pipettor in the world. The ultralight design ensure user comfort and precision. In addition to normal single dispensing and mixing, multiple continuous dispensing is available. The user can operate pipetty™ either using conventional or open type controls.

All Sunlight Medical pipettes are individually examined to ensure consistent quality.

Irvine Scientific, a world leader in the innovation, development, and manufacture of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), has announced a new agreement with Sunlight Medical Inc., which gives Irvine Scientific US distribution rights for Sunlight Medical branded micropipettes.

Universal Pipette Filter Plugs

iNLABTEC AG has introduced Universal Pipette Filter Plugs designed to provide a final barrier to protect the internal components of your pipettes from contamination due to accidental splashes during pipetting, foaming samples or aerosolized vapours.

One of the greatest barriers to serialization compliance is the cost of implementing new systems and processes,

Serialisation software provider SEA Vision and packaging machine manufacturer Marchesini Group have collaborated to launch a new data collection plug-in designed to improve efficiencies during pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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