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RAININ's TerraRack - 100% Recyclable Tip Packaging

100% Recyclable


Our world is becoming more environmentally aware with recycling being considered a necessity both domestically and commercially. Anybody working in a laboratory and using pipettes and tips knows how much waste tip racks produce, how expensive they are to dispose of and the amount of space these used racks can take up. 

For most labs the cost of running a recycling scheme can be prohibitory as they tend to be priced upon the weight of the plastic being recycled.

That is why Rainin's TerraRack pipette tip racks, the winner of the Bronze Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice, are an ideal solution to this problem. Different to any other tip racks available, TerraRacks are made from PETE, an exceptionally strong polyester most commonly used for water and soft drinks bottles. Being manufactured in this way means the TerraRacks can be recycled along with your soft drinks and water bottles and using the bins already provided in your laboratories. This can either reduce your recycling costs or eliminate them altogether. Not only are you helping the environment by using 100% recyclable tip racks, but you can also save money for your laboratory whilst doing this.

TerraRacks contain Rainin BioClean tips and are available for both universal-fit pipettes and those equipped with LTS LiteTouch System to ensure the integrity of your samples. As with all pipette tips, they should be disposed of according to your laboratory's SOPs.