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Universal 2 Demensional (U-2D) 96 Well Plates - for Better Sample Management

The new U-2D Universal 96 well plate system


The new U-2D Universal 96 well plate system from Microsolv technology corporation, offers many benefits compared to current glass-lined of plastic well plates for sample preparation of Chromatography.Reservoirs.

The novel design enables the rack containing precision glass inserts to be removed from the plastic base, for checking individual inserts for bubbles or missed fills, or for transfer to a thermal bath for controlled heating or cooling. Additionally individual glass inserts can be removed and placed into 9mm screw top autosampler vials for storage or for transfer to another instrument platform. This enables small volume samples to be stored with minimal loss of sample.

The key benefits of the U-2D 96 Well Plates system include:

  • Ease of visual inspection
  • Thermal control for even heating and cooling and increased reproducibility
  • Compatibility with existing autosamplers
  • Flexibility – suitable for archive storage and further analyses
  • Sustainability – fewer repeats required, less solvent used and reusable base

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