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The most flexible nucleic acid workstation now with total RNA extraction protocols

The chemagic STAR offers a combination of the leading NA purification system from PerkinElmer chemagen Technologie GmbH with the high performance liquid handling technology on Hamilton´s STAR platform in an integrated system. This “single housing” design saves bench space and ensures sample safety during the complete purification process.

This method replaces the use of shake flasks and reduces reliance on bench top bioreactors, saving many months of scale-up process development work.

Major food ingredients Firm Chr. Hansen installs TAP's Automated vial processing system to meet increasing demands for its high quality bacterial starter cultures

the Cavro Omni Robot is designed to combine precision OEM liquid handling with straightforward integration

Available with a broad choice of lengths, orientations and options for all three axes, the Cavro Omni Robot is designed to combine precision OEM liquid handling with straightforward integration, and the launch of the Cavro ADP option provides even greater flexibility in instrument design.

produce consistant clinical cancer immunotherapy batches

TAP Biosystems, a leading supplier of innovative cell culture systems and consumables for life science applications, is pleased to announce its Fill-It™, automated benchtop vial filling system is being routinely used at an innovative cell therapy company developing novel cancer immunotherapies, to improve processing speed and throughput of large batches of cells in cryovials for use as master cell banks or as cell-based immunotherapies.

"It's a great reminder of just how global we are

Mr. Teta was randomly chosen from all global, qualified entrants, and is a research fellow in the university's Department of Environmental Science and Health.

Produced by Bionex Inc and distributed in the UK

The Nanodrop nanolitre dispensing instrument line is a robust laboratory automation and liquid handling solution to life science researchers woldwide.

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