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Wed, Jan

Tip and rack handling for the nested tips is fully automated

The demand for ever-increasing throughput means that many laboratories are looking for solutions to increase the capacity of their automated systems.

First fully integrated CE-IVD sample preparation solution for LC-MS/MS diagnostics launched

Chromsystems and Hamilton Robotics today announced the release of a complete CE-IVD marked solution that allows automated sample preparation for LC-MS/MS based clinical diagnostics.

This method replaces the use of shake flasks and reduces reliance on bench top bioreactors, saving many months of scale-up process development work.

Microscale Bioreactor enables rapid method development of large scale perfusion Culture

TAP Biosystems, a leading supplier of innovative cell culture and consumables for life science, today announced a new application of its ambr™ micro bioreactor system as a perfusion mimic, enabling scientists to rapidly and easily develop large scale perfusion culture processes of unstable, low producing or minimally expressing proteins or antibodies.

We are still in the early phases of the project, so are not really using these systems to their full potential yet, but so far the instruments have been very easy to use.

Genia Geo, based in Montevideo, Uraguay, has chosen Tecans HID EVOlution system as part of its comprehensive forensic identification services for goverments around the world.

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