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Mon, Oct

We are particularly proud of how the Fluent platform has been received by early users

Tecan has launched the next wave of innovation for its Fluent laboratory automation solution, introducing a number of new hardware and software options that enable a much wider range of applications

“We designed this robot to see and correct issues before they become costly problems such as lost samples or reduced productivity

Life science researchers seeking to bolster their automated workflows with a self-correcting, learning robot can now employ a new four-axis ‘selective compliance articulated robot arm’, or SCARA, from Thermo Fisher Scientific. 

HTA has just introduced HT4000E

HTA has just introduced HT4000E, the new HTA automated SPE-LC autosampler that combines both SPE automation and HPLC autosampler capability in a single unit.

INTEGRA has introduced a Three Position stage for its VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 handheld benchtop pipettes.

The new accessory expands available stage positions for microplates, reservoirs and tips on a VIAFLO 96 or VIAFLO 384 from 2 to 3 thereby enhancing workflow in a wide range of applications. Beneficially the Three Position Stage also features an indexing function to allow access to 384-well plates using a 96-channel pipetting head.

This year at SLAS 2015

This year at SLAS 2015, Hamilton Robotics is introduced highly sought after application solutions on all their liquid handling platforms that are built around the needs of your laboratory. From assay ready workstations to fully automated systems, Hamilton application solutions bring all the components of your workflow seamlessly together. 

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