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Tue, Jan

The miVac DNA is very simple to use

The miVac DNA centrifugal sample concentrator from Genevac is purpose designed to efficiently remove water and organic solvents from biological samples containing nucleic acids

The VTOE dispense head can be configured to facilitate a broad range of applications for precision dispensing of various liquids and filling volumes.

Festo, the leading supplier of automation equipment, has launched a new modular dispense head - the VTOE - that simplifies and speeds up the processing of laboratory samples, while providing a high degree of accuracy.

Running an EZ-2 evaporator

The compact benchtop EZ-2 Series evaporator from Genevac has been designed to meet or exceed the solvent removal needs of most laboratory scientists.

Using the most advanced proven technology in evaporation science, the EZ-2 Series has been designed specifically for solvent removal in many areas of scientific research, whether concentration of samples or complete drying is required..

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